Studio 8 Patrick Henri corrects those flaws with Veld’s Eye Magic – A Beauty Feature

Veld’s Eye Magic is a care product capable of instantly correcting flaws in the expression zone, a key area for your beauty. In 15 days, dark circles 

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Patrick Henri has a great knack of selecting products for Studio 8 not just based on his worldwide knowledge of product, but he really can spot a winner when he sees one. For me the other day in his Studio, Patrick showed me Veld’s Eye Magic, at first I thought another concealer and well it’s not just another concealer. First of all Patrick has used over 20 plus concealers as a professional international makeup artist throughout his career, so if it’s going to be good – it’s going to have to be the best for Patrick to pick it up and use it.

See on Scoop.itA Beauty Feature


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