Flo travel accessories in Tibet the roof top of the world – A Beauty Feature

The Flo travel accessories are so well made and pass all requirements for onboard luggage.They’re slim, portable, easily refillable, and 100% leak proof

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.abeautyfeature.com

Planning a trip to Tibet so I wanted for once to just take what I needed, no more no less. I had to go to Chengdu for five days prior to going into Tibet for 4 days, Chengdu was a writing assignment and Tibet was discovery. On this China trip I wanted to use only carry on hand luggage, my flight connections out of Tibet were going to be tight, so I thought let’s do without the stress. Clothes had to be rolled up for space, skincare and cosmetics limited and medicines for the Tibet trip were a necessity. However in Chengdu as well as Lhasa some essentials had to be taken. I wear contact lenses at times and always travel with a round magnifying mirror.

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