The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu Li Xuan contemporary Cantonese and Sichuanese – A Beauty Feature

Li Xuan Chinese Executive Chef, Michael Liang  the master of surprise, flavor he is the perfect guide to take you from one province Canton and into Sichuan

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The Li Xuan Chinese restaurant at The Ritz Carlton Chengdu featured a decor, inspired by the ancient Shu civilization, featuring brocade and colorful flowers, the perfect backdrop for lunch, beginning with花椒排叉窝笋 Marinated Chinese Stem Lettuce, Sichuan Peppercorn, the peppercorn is fresh and green in color can be found in every home in Chengdu. The peppercorn are usually left on their stems and put into soup to add flavor, however if you decided to would like to crunch on one, some soy or regular milk should be at hand, just in case as this little pepper corn gives out more than you might expect.

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