Ryan Fitzgerald at the MO Bar 2015 Master of Mixology Series – A Beauty Feature

Ryan Fitzgerald at the MO Bar 2015 Master of Mixology Series,Legendary Mezcal expert Ryan Fitzgerald, Del Maguey, MO Bar,The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, HKG

Source: www.abeautyfeature.com

Legendary Mezcal expert Ryan Fitzgerald, Brand Ambassador for Del Maguey, returns to MO Bar at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong for its Masters of Mixology 2015 Volume One, from 17 to 20 March 2015. Jigmee Lama, Head Bartender of MO Bar, will join forces with his fellow mixology guru from San Francisco and together they will delve into the world of the mystical Mezcal during this four-night event. As one of the finest and purest spirits on earth, the agave-based Mezcal has a distinctively smoky, sweet and earthy flavour which allows for a more evolved tasting palate compared with tequila. Ryan will showcase his renowned expertise in Mezcal infused drinks as well as indulging Mezcal enthusiasts with original flights of tastings across Del Maguey’s richly diverse offerings, all of which originate in a single village in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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