It’s that gin and jazz season with Sipsmith

When a brand says “We’re small, we’re independent and we craft truly artisanal spirits of uncompromising quality” can that really be true? Enter the Sipsmiths where on their tasteful web site the actual Sipsmiths are all wearing this really secretive smile, is this one of having a passion and success in their business?

The Sipsmiths
Slurp Asia hosted the Hong Kong Sipsmiths group at their venue to educate a group of media lifestyle writers on Sipsmiths handcrafted techniques for their London Dry Gin. As we move into spring and warmer temps in Hong Kong, ordering gin and tonic quickly becomes one of the go to drinks at the bar.
Sipsmith at drinks99
Here is where that sad tasteless old G&T ends, and a new era of truly artisanal spirits enters. After tasting Sipsmith London Dry Gin or their Sipsmith Sloe Gin (divine) and listening to Simon Disler Director Drinks99, G& T has changed forever with the appreciation of tasting quality London Dry. You can fully understand how ordering quality London Dry Gin opens up the conversation at a premium bar around the world.

Sipsmith at drinks99
Distilling Sipsmith gin involves carefully balancing a whole host of aromatic botanicals to create a drink that is dry, spicy and full of character. In this process, Prudence bypasses the distillation column to retain the intensity of the botanicals. It is one of the only gins in the world made using the traditional ‘one-shot’ method, rather than as a concentrate. 

Prudence is the first copper still to launch in London for nearly 200 years, and it’s the name given by the Sipsmith team to their beloved copper. They designed her with Germany’s oldest distillery producers, Christian Carl – a small, family business who have been crafting stills since 1869. She is the only one like this in the world.

True London Dry Gin is a much more refined product crafted with great care by experienced distillers. It uses the highest quality fermentation alcohol with botanicals, dominated by Juniper. English customs law requires that the original alcohol is distilled on different premises to those where the Gin distillation takes place, which is exactly how the teams at Sipsmith operate and produce their fine spirits.

When you are in London you can visit the Sipsmith Distillery Hammersmith, London W6 and enjoy a tour and tasting (always topped up) for 12 pounds. Until then we would recommend seating yourself at the bar in the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong or The Peninsula Hong Kong  have your bartender mix your favorite drink with Sipsmith, then all you have to do is experience and appreciate.


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