Alila ‘Indian Fig Finishing Cream’ a matte finish for a humid climate

I first tried the Indian Fig Finishing Cream from Alila Hotels and Resorts while in Hong Kong; this is a moisture treatment with a difference as if has a true matte finish. At first this is an unusual texture to apply, most if not all moisture creams have a “slip” factor so that spreading the cream over the skin is relatively easy. I could see that the Indian Fig Cream did to a certain extent “slip” across the skin, but not to the greasy extent that many other creams do. 

However I really did appreciate that this treatment cream just absorbed immediately into the skin leaving a matte finish, afterwards applying a sun protection or makeup over this treatment cream actually resulted in the makeup lasting longer in a humid climate. My understanding are that certain chemicals are added to a cream give the “slip,” chemicals that often have no skin enhancing value. 
Alila Living products advised that all their products are organic and natural with no chemical ingredients and the matte feeling was the combination of all the natural substances. The ingredients that give the matte finish of Indian Fig Finishing Cream are a blend of corn starch with vitamin E. Also another key factor for organic skin care users are preservatives, here Alila uses silver citrate and rosemary extract as the preservatives of the cream. 
The amount of times I have asked a therapist or beauty advisor, what preservatives are used if parabens are excluded, and the amount of times the answer is avoided is amazing. How totally refreshing to live with a brand who wants to educate their clients, and have no fear in speaking the organic and natural truth.
This is the only treatment cream I have tried so far from Alila Living Products, as a Spa Therapist and Teacher I cannot recommend this highly enough retailing price is around USD30 this a perfect treatment for Asia. You will have to travel to one of the stunning Alila properties to experience their spa and wellness treatments then buy their products, the Alila Living products are sold in every property. 

Indian Fig Finishing Cream is a highly effective moisturizing cream with excellent repairing, anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Tamarind, also known as Indian fig, is the star ingredient with great antiseptic, anti-allergy and skin tightening qualities. It is also an excellent anti-freckle and anti-aging remedy. Pure vanilla extract adds an element of gentle stimulation, while a dash of the very rare and exquisite brown lavender absolute adds an aroma that will send you soaring into ecstasy. Created for all who appreciate the finest things in life, truthfully.

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