beautyADDICTS are playful creative and so liberated

beautyADDICTS is a creative professional makeup line with Jenine Pizza as the brand manager and global makeup artist. The new Play Color Collection has everything for that spring burst of color you want and Jenine created some great looks, their eye creative image is stunning and here is how to create this look. 

“There are so many different looks you can create with the new Play Color Collection from beautyADDICTS. How can you create a bold look that can still be soft and bright? First, layer your bottom lid generously with Emerald City. This deep, rich green is the must-have color of the season-you can’t go wrong! 

For a burst of color to bring spring into your look take Crème de Mint and blend in your crease. Crème de Mint is an amazing aqua green with gold and pewter undertones. This color will tie everything together. 
 Crème de Mint 

For that extra pop take Eye Candy and place it in the inside corner of your eye to add a burst and vibrancy to your look. Lastly, coat your lips with In the Buff lipstick and a touch of Socialite gloss for that incredible, nude pout and you’re out the door and ready to go.” 
Emerald City
On the beautyADDICTS Facebook page there is another how to wear their Emerald Smokey Eyes for a more dramatic effect. Mix the new PLAY color collection shadows, Creme De Mint and Emerald City- Concentrate the shade on the base and crease of the lid, smudging it out slightly for a smoky effect. Finish the look by giving yourself dramatic lashes with our showOFF mascara!

Addict High


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