ECRU New York repairs your hair with Acacia Collagen ™

As ECRU New York continues to build their brand globally they still come back to their followers with new and improved products. The latest star product in the line is Acacia Protein Oil with Acacia Collagen ™  arriving right on time for spring, its all about repair after the harsh winter conditions.  This ultra-light, multi-functional styling and treatment oil formulated with patented Acacia Collagen™ is a miracle worker in a bottle which provides superb conditioning and moisturization instantly.

What we really like with the treatment is that,  this is a multi-tasking elixir that protects against heat damage during styling, reduces drying time, eliminates frizz, and helps to mend split ends. Easy to use simply apply a small amount into palm of hand, depending on length and thickness of your hair and work through your hair. The Acacia Protein Oil is Paraben-free as well as  color-safe,  the key ingredient  Acacia Collagen™ is a patented plant-based anti-aging collagen that moisturizes hair and improves the hair’s ability to retain its moisture.

ECRU New York develops products that work in two way they “Treat and Perform” and we all need that. ECRU New York Acacia Oil retails for $30.00 and can be purchased at


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