The Organic Pharmacy beauty that is beyond skin deep

The Organic Pharmacy is very simple to understand, this brand only deals with the purist of ingredients that you will want to put on your skin, especially when you consider that cosmetic ingredients will enter the body systems through the skin. The Organic Pharmacy is really looking at beauty that is beyond skin deep. They have a skin care, body and makeup range to tempt you from the dark side into the light. 
At Harvey Nichols Pacific Place Hong Kong, The Organic Pharmacy’s counter manager Ceci Au is a delight, I asked Ceci to show me three of their clients favorite products along with the beauty tips she gives her clients. 
Harvey Nichols Pacific Place Hong Kong
First of all as this is a pure organic brand, I want to know how will I remove mascara and color pigment from my eyes, enter  CARROT BUTTER CLEANSER (HKD590)  “This can be used for all skin types,” commented Ceci as she proceeded to demonstrate the product by placing a small amount into her palm with a  reminder “This is step one of a two step cleansing process,”  warm the product with the fingers and  apply directly over the makeup using gentle massage movements, remove with The Organic Pharmacy MUSLIN CLOTH (HKD 60) rinse in warm water, not cool. 
To remove your eye makeup Ceci recommends to apply the CARROT BUTTER CLEANSER around the eye area and removed with a dry cotton pad, rinse with warm water, keep the MUSLIN CLOTH for the skin and use a cotton pad for the eyes.
The windows of Harvey Nichols Pacific Place Hong Kong
The VIRGIN COLD PRESSED ROSE HIP OIL (HKD 380) is excellent for stretch marks although this powerful oil has many other effective uses. Ceci has lots of clients who use the oil even to restore the skin when stretch marks are old, she recommends every night 1 -2 drops as the oil is very concentrated and a little goes a long way. Ingredients include essential fatty acids, Retinoic Acid and major carotenoids, this is a results related product for all types of stretch marks.
Finally for skin repair Ceci recommends a combination of two products the ANTIOXANDANT FACE GEL (HKD 890) two pumps, combined with ANTIOXANDANT FACE FIRMING SERUM (HKD 1,295) one pump. The scent from the two products combined is one of citrus lemons and as it hits the skin within seconds it has absorbed. Ceci advised that if you are in a cold climate for example Beijing in the winter, then add a little more of the ANTIOXANDANT FACE FIRMING SERUM as the ingredients in the serum are 50 times stronger than Rose Hip alone. So this extra boost will protect and feed the skin in a demanding climate, even from a blast of those winter winds.
The Organic Pharmacy can be found at Harvey Nichols Pacific Place Admiralty,  stop by The Organic Pharmacy counter to meet Ceci and Coral both experts from The Organic Pharmacy,  you can also telephone +852 2918 1711 to arrange a complimentary consultation or replenish products with any of the team.

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