Nail It! Magazine opens up on the world of nail art

For all the global nail aficionados Nail It! Magazine is the first-ever consumer fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine that’s all about nails (from California based Creative Age Publications – who produce 5 of the biggest Beauty trade magazines). Hitting newsstands the week of February 19th; Nail It! will cover nail art, celebrity styles, tips for nail health and wellness, and the latest trends and products. While nails are the main focus of the magazine, stories will also include beauty, hair and makeup, as well as latest in fashion and accessories. Nail It! is available globally (including Asia and Australia)  through their subscription  page on Nail Pro,  6 issues are published during the year USD 32.00. Follow Nail It! on Facebook for updates and news.

Spring Nail trends are great, BUT we have heard of all the horror stories of infections, nails falling off, etc. Make sure you watch out for the health of your nails. Gels are long lasting but many individuals remove the gel and do some severe damage.

Even when you go to your favorite nail salon, ask the questions about their tool sterilization process, etc.  Nail It! Editor & Chief Stephanie Slavery can give you tips about safe nail art and tips to healthy nails. As an nail expert, she could touch on The Do’s and Don’ts of Nail Art and how to keep your nails healthy.

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