Maybelline 2013 Calendar: Models Painted as NYC Scenes

Just the best creative images from the new Maybelline 2013 Calendar, which features the Maybelline models Freja Beja Erichsen, Erin Wasson, Charlotte Free, Jessica White, Julia Stegner, Shu-Pei Qin, Kemp Muhl and Emily DiDonato body-painted as New York City icons and “scenes.” The energy and essence of New York City is the inspiration for the 2013 Maybelline New York Limited Edition Calendar. Go behind the scenes for an exclusive on You Tube to look at how Maybelline makeup looks and how they use their models as canvases for some amazing body art! 

Erin Wasson as ‘Times Square’ The New York scenes combine street art through Julia Stegner camouflage creativity, graffity and urban lifestyle. Unlike this year’s Pirelli girls though, the Maybelline spokesmodels went au natural. Shot by photographer Kenneth Willardt, the models can be seen in nothing but some well-crafted body-paint meant to reflect a few iconic New York City scenes. 

Think Erin Wasson painted in black and white stripes to represent “the Streets of New York,” Charlotte covered in international stickers to symbolize the city’s “Melting Pot” and an out of focus Shu-Pei reimagined as a subway car. This is month-to-month agenda is very exclusive that it’s not even available to purchase!

Photo courtesy of Maybelline


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