Quick on the eyeliner draw

As we saw last year eyeliner took a strong place in our makeup, eyeliner was more graphic with a very creative design and always looked good. Now the eyeliner is back to outline the contour of the eyes and with a portent mascara as its ally, its an easy-draw. For this year will  eyeliner still be a top trend? According to Pat McGrath, Dolce & Gabbana’s Make Up creative consultant, the answer is yes: “And if metallic tones of glam liner are used, a touch of fantasy is added”.

It goes without saying that the more graphic the make-up, the more the mascara is fundamental and has to be enriched by multi-tasking formulas to lengthen/thicken/add volume, strengthen the lashes. Nicolas Degennes, art director of Givenchy make-up and creator of Noir Couture, portent mascara, knows this very well.

Therefore the perfection also of the contour is a must, with treating concealers such as Even Better by Clinique. As for your complexion? Meet the perfect makeup base … Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. It visually smooths lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores leaving the complexion flawless and radiant.

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