Emma Watson for Lancôme’s “In Love” Collection S/S 2013

Well it might be winter in the north but outside but in the land of Lancome, it’s nothing but rosy. The latest campaign image for the beauty brand’s Spring Summer 2013 collection has hit the media airwaves, and Emma Watson looks rosy! With that first-flush-of-love glow, a super-girlie splash of lipstick and turquoise liner framing her brown eyes, she sure looks sunshine ready. This is Lancome’s In Love collection, full of vibrant tones. From the neon glimmer of the lipstick to the pastel tones in the blusher complemented by a slick of turquoise.

The Baume in Love, a brand new lipstick with Shea Butter comes in a translucent shade of hot pink and provides just enough color with a subtle sheen. Then there’s that cult nail varnish which is dressed in a peachy pop hue for the sunshine season. Finally, the ingenious eye shadow and blusher is gorgeously colorful and both come in a case adorned with that iconic Toile de Jouy motif. As for Emma’s favorite  It’s the khol eyeliner in Jade Crush that’s perfect for electrifying her eyes in a single stroke.


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